Saturday, December 22, 2012

Easily Create Online Language Activities for Free

There is a great site that allows you to create online language activities for students to complete at school or at home. I will be describing several of these and giving examples of how they can be used in the World Languages classroom.

The site I am referring to is the Rich Internet Applications site from Michigan State University. Click here to access the site.

One of my favorite applications to use is the Audio Dropbox.

First let's go over how you create an Audio Dropbox

1.Once you have signed up for the free account there will be a pull down menu. Choose "Audio Dropbox."

2. You will then be redirected to the page. There is a green link "Create a new Dropbox". When you click on the link it will automatically create a new Dropbox for you. You can then click on the pencil icon to change the title.

3. Now that you have a new Dropbox you can click on the embed icon, copy the code and paste it to your blog or webpage. Add a question above the Dropbox and you have a ready made speaking activity. When students access the Dropbox they will be prompted to input their name.

4. The recordings will be stored alphabetically in your account on the CLEAR website. You can easily see the recordings by clicking on the "eye" icon.

Here is an example of a Dropbox.

What is your favorite World Languages website? Record your answer below.

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